Costs of Employee Stress

Responses to challenges are necessary and healthy. We are born equipped with an automatic internal emergency response system that is perfectly designed to protect and assist in situations of acute demands and challenges. This internal emergency response system evolved from a time when stressors were more about basic survival from “lions and tigers and bears”—not dealing with the unexpected delays, employee issues, layoffs  or downtime.

And we are all on overload. Like too many computer programs running at once. The hormones associated with stress protect the body in the short run and promote adaptation.  But in the long run when the body struggles to stay in balance until eventually there are consequences.  Sooner or later—the system —your body will fail from the wear and tear being out of balance!  The result is disease and premature death that we can attribute directly to stress.

Dr. Scott is committed to providing your people with new levels of personal effectiveness both at work and home by providing  knowledge and practical skills for handling stress. No one can afford the cost of letting stress energy, health, joy, or performance. Here are facts about workplace stress.

Workplace STRESS results in more than $300 billion each year in health care nationally. (American Institute of Stress)

Common workplace results of STRESS are; reduced employee focus, turnover, absenteeism, accidents, decreased productivity, medical costs, & workers compensation.

STRESSED workers incur health care costs that are 46% higher, than other employees. ( Am J Health Promotion;)

8% of all employee medical expenditures are due to STRESS

19-20% prevalence of STRESS in public and private sector employee groups gives STRESS the highest economic burden on an individual basis for your employees (Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine.)