Scott Institute Services


Information About Stress Relief Services

The Scott Institute for Optimal Stress helps organizations and individuals to:
Optimize Individual Performance & Productivity, by…
Knowledge & Skills development enabling:

- Decrease reactivity to stress-and-increase healthy responses to stress
- Acceptance of stressors as inevitable conditions which require healthy responses
- Establishment of a support system: a personal ‘Board of Directors’
- Integrate true ‘relaxation & recovery’ throughout the work day

Strategic Planning: Individualized Preventive Stress Health Plan:

- Enhanced self management in adverse stressful situations
- Development & maintenance of a balanced emotional cache.
- Take full accountability for living better, longer and with less stress
- Greater Team Productivity!

Retain your Best People, by…

- Providing an understanding of leadership awareness of stress.
- Generating greater Job Satisfaction!
- Improving Morale & Organizational Loyalty!
- Mitigating Stress…especially among critical Employees & Key Leaders!

Reduce your Organization Costs, by…

- Reducing Employee Turnover!
- Reducing Absenteeism…and ‘presentee’-ism!
- Reducing Health Benefit Claims & Costs! (Note: The Stress Relief Coach is a valuable & cost-effective supplement to your high-cost Medical Employee Assistance Programs!)

Benefits to Individual Employees:

StressRelief Coach consulting and coaching services aid in personal/professional growth and development. Specific objectives will be determined. However based on preliminary conversations the benefit will include, but not be limited to assisting employees:
- Fully realize professional, personal, and business goals through taking a leadership position on personal wellness and stress regulation.
- Accept & embrace stressors as inevitable conditions that require healthy responses.
- Discover your BestStress Zone.
- Distinguish between controlled/regulated stress and unregulated stress.
- Understand how stress leads to heart attacks, strokes, premature disability & death.
- Learn and Practice ‘just in time’ stress regulation strategies to stay in your BestStress Zone.
- Create a customized StressHealth Portfolio inclusive of ‘risk assessment’, StressHealth Profile, personal goals & objectives, tasks, and timelines.
- Develop a personal Stress Relief Strategy for short and long term Business and Personal Needs
- Integrate and Chart lifelong sustainable course of actions inclusive of; Prostate Health, Menopausal, Reproductive Wellness, Care-Giver Role, Responsibilities and Rights, Leisure Time Practices, Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Control
The ROI for getting Stress Relief for employees is crystal clear. In today’s economy our solutions save your company with savings in direct and indirect costs. All solutions get personal. Individuals walk away with a sustainable plan; tools, knowledge, and commitment to follow-up.

Potential ‘cost’ savings for Organizations that work with The Scott Institute:

- Improved employee job satisfaction
- Reduce Absenteeism
- Reduce Presenteeism
- Greater employee loyalty
- Improved employee retention
- Enhanced individual productivity
- Improved preventative employee education
- Avoidance of on the job accidents
- Avoidance of development of medical related direct and indirect costs
- Healthier employees; less hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, fatigue, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal problems, flares of immune related disorders such as asthma, rashes and arthritis
- Increase appropriate disease/case management referral for related high cost physical health conditions ; cardiovascular disease, diabetes, migraines, GERD
- Reduction in Pharmaceutical costs
- More effective Utilization of existing EAP resources
If you are an employer with valuable talent experiencing stress—or—you have a team with predictable times of stress in this 24 hour competitive global market place, contact the StressRelief Coach today!
This unique service begins to accelerates performance through immediate StressRelief after the first session. Results Guaranteed!

Service Options: Face-to-Face (House Calls) – Telephonic – Electronic Ongoing & ‘On-Demand’