Services & Options

Sessions for various Employee Groups:

- Brown Bag Lunches / Lunch & Learns

- Personal Effectiveness Training

- Company ‘Town Hall’ Meetings

- Keynote Presentations (on-site and off-site)

Team Stress Mapping:

- To inventory their Stress Issues.
- To uncover obstacles to higher employee Performance, Retention, Morale, etc.
- To propose cost-saving Solutions & Strategies.
- And to help retain your talent.

House Calls’ teams & individuals; during times of predictable high stress.

- Pre-Hire Interviews to head-off future problems.

- On-Call Consulting (via retainer).

- Write Publication Articles for your Organization’s Employees.

Coaching Services to Key Senior Management Personnel:

- Executive One-on-One Stress Relief Coaching.

- On-call/last-minute Pre-Presentation Coaching.

Typical Groups/Divisions/Programs that engage The StressRelief Coach Services:

- Executive Development budgets.
- Education & Training budgets.
- Human Resources budgets.
- Diversity Office budgets
- Health Benefit Accident/Absenteeism-Prevention budgets.
- Board Directives.
- Outside Grants
- Government Earmarks.

Common Engagement Options:

- Annual Retainer for selected/bundled services…at a discount.
- A-la-carte Services.
- Common ‘Pilot-Test’ Service Options include: Training Workshops, and / or ‘Lunch & Learn‘ Presentations

Dr. Scott’s engagements elicit postive response and inspire audiences. She customizes each event to best motivate, best educate and entertain.