Optimal Stress

Your BSZ is a place for optimal spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well being. In the BSZ you achieve the highest levels of energy, satisfaction, happiness and productivity at work or at home. Daily living in the zone you experience control, clarity of purpose, commitment, and challenge. A key task in life then is to determine the optimal dose of stress needed for maximum happiness, inspiration, motivation in our lives. The wrong dose (type and/or strength) of stress puts us at risk for subsequent adverse health consequences, and less successful aging. The right ‘type’ of stressors reflects your values, priorities and passions.You to take Control—decisive actions to transform or prevent the impact of stressors

In the best stress zone you analyze problems in a way that transforms challenges into opportunities. Solving problems creatively and recognizing attitudes, feelings, and behaviors that undermine performance, vitality, and health. Having the courage and tools to take decisive steps to manage daily challenges, Accepting things that can’t be changed, while still finding ways to strengthen hardiness and personal effectiveness. In the BSZ you know how to give and receive from others. You transform demands and challenges into opportunities to learn, and renew.