One-on-One Coaching

Working with the stress relief coach helps you understand and manage all levels of the stress process; triggers, perception, buffers, and all 4 types of stress responses 1) emotions, 2) thoughts, 3) biology and 4)behavior.

Living a life with less stress requires congruence, clarity and purpose.  You can learn to practice emotionally healthy behavior until it becomes natural. Often the problem is that we don’t know how to respond any differently to triggers which ‘push’ our buttons. We unconsciously respond to the stress by doing what we know how to do—and of course these responses don’t help… they often make things worse. Sometimes coaching is needed to help uncover limiting personal beliefs and attitudes which may lead to automatic negative or problematic thought errors which lead to negative stress responses. Sometime you feel better and get relief from understanding conscious and unconscious happiness factors, self regulatory behaviors, and the sources of emotionally toxicity in your life and rediscovering your internal focus and power.

A critical component of StressRelief Coaching is helping high achieving individuals re‐connect personal mind and body power. My clients also get to know their personal links between stress and illness, disease, premature disability and death. The StressHealth Profile™ is a tool which pinpoints genetic predispositions, self care habits, current stress load, sources of support, coping style, personality traits, current medical status and nutritional practices which may be putting individuals at risk for harmful effects from stress. Clients receive a personalized ‘prescription’ with specific actions steps for individual stress relief, including the use of nutritional supplements. The good news is that genetic wiring is not your destiny. Coaching provides customized tools, tactics and support you can reduce and reverse risks for ER visits, heart disease, diabetes, stroke through better regulation of the stress in your life. Taking control of your stress process is a life and death proposition.

Successfully handling the stress in your life is not just about getting rid of anxiety. Through coaching clients also learn to harness the positive power of the stress response to achieve top level performance, creativity, personal happiness and other peak experiences.

When you understand the stress process in your life, you become a thermometer not a thermostat. With coaching you fine tune self awareness skills; the ability to pay attention to what your body and mind is telling you; adjust , just back off, take time to heal, revision, repair or rebuild.