Keynote Presentations

Dr. Scott’s most commonly requested Motivational Keynote

Get ‘Fired Up’ to Prevent Burn Out!

The challenges of a fast paced demands, kids, long hours, technology, security, daily hassles—and—taking care of your personal & home life—almost all workers are ‘stressed’!

When tough economic times tax your personal and professional well being, your people need a prescription for stress relief.

This session. is your prescription. It will ‘fire you up’ and prevent ‘burn out’. In this keynote Dr. Scott provides key elements for employee wellness through living in their personal BestStress Zone!

Employees will leave the event armed with:

  • 5 Practical strategies for transforming stress into fuel for success
  • Team Tactics for less stress
  • A simple technique for instant ‘relaxation’ — The PowerPause

At every engagement Dr. Scott will:

1) Lead a one hour session or workshop
2) Distribute 50 signed copies of her book Optimal Stress: Living in Your Best Stress Zone
3)Host an interactive Q&A session