Executive Women’s Wellness Coaching

Wellness: (noun)  the capacity to be and do what you want and be happy.

What is on your wellness wish list?  Today’s high-level women experience more stress than ever before.  They not only juggle clients, a staff, budgets, deadlines, making key decisions, and proving themselves among their male counterparts, they also have to manage a sometimes-hectic home life.  Children, partners, dating, pets, even aging parents have as many demands outside of the office.  Phones ring, schedules change, kids get the flu, clients need an answer.  In the race to multi-task, women can end up accomplishing very little at times.  Life becomes unbalanced and women can feel like they’re drowning in stress.  These daily pressures can greatly hinder our wellness.

And this is not about age. Women of all generations who have soared through and beyond the ‘glass ceiling’ can still find themselves on what I call the ‘glass gurney,’ the bed in the emergency room.






I am excited about the Best Stress Zone Strategy approach to wellness coaching because it will transform your life. You will reduce your inherent risk for coronary artery disease hypertension diabetes  Stress is a key determinant in health, well being, quality of life and successful aging. I help people successfully alter their experience of stress. Understanding that Stress is a process, is the critical concept and foundation for the comprehensive prescriptions for stress relief I provide for clients.

You can learn to connect with your biology. A balanced life can be achieved with balanced biochemistry. You need to know your personal link between stress and illness, disease, premature disability and death. I developed a tool called The StressHealth Profile which pinpoints your predispositions and genetic wiring which make you at risk for harmful effects from stress.  The good news is that your genetic wiring is not your destiny. I help you reduce and reverse risks for heart disease, diabetes, stroke through better regulation of the stress in your life.

With coaching, clients become their own thermostat not just a thermometer.  You can  develop the ability to pay attention to what your body and mind is telling you… adjust or just back off…give yourself time to heal…and then learn how to protect yourself from the negative effects of situations and issues which present themselves throughout the day.

Being well requires that we do well.  Coaching is a safe vehicle for getting from point A to point B. My experience suggests clients need help in uncovering unconscious personal beliefs, attitudes which may lead to automatic negative thoughts & problematic thought errors which lead to stress.  You must understand your emotions and the energy and power they can provide. You can develop a new NEURAL NETWORK and BRAIN REMODELING so new responses are automatic.  But solid science tells us that we can shape and reshape the brain through appraisal, interpretation, and mediate healthy responses to common issues and situations in your life.

Our approach is personalized, confidential and science based.  We work to get you to where YOU want to be.

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