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Thank you for your interest in my programs. My programs focus on solutions for the inevitable stress that is experienced in the lives men and women.
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Organizations are in constant pursuit of effective ways to improve performance, retain top talent and reduce cost. One way that is often overlooked is dealing with stress – that is, the role stress plays in improving performance or wreaking havoc on the individual, and collectively, the organization. Every organization is different.  The first step in program planning is listening to your current concerns, needs and desired results. Your program is designed and approved by you well in advance of the event.

Although each organization is unique, in general, participants will…

  • Adopt a new approach to thinking and dealing with stress.  Traditional approaches to learning how to ‘manage’ stress are not enough.  In today’s society individuals must truly embrace a fundamentally transformational approach to thinking about stress. At the core of this approach is engaging participants in understanding the links between stress, wellbeing, premature disability and premature death.
  • Identify and apply new tools Pokies and tactics for IMMEDIATE improvement in emotions, thoughts, behaviors in response to the inevitable stressors in a full life. The strength of each program is in the power harnessed by each person as solutions are discovered throughout the session. The sustained benefits come from individuals achieving a sense of well being. This leads  to increased personal effectiveness and satisfaction in work and non-work dimensions of the lives of your people.
  • Often participants enter a program feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with their circumstances.  I guarantee they will leave the event with immediate relief of stress—and an optimistic view of the future.  Participants will better understand how they are not alone in struggling to meet the demands and challenges faced in a full life.  They also recognize personal accountability for living longer and better with less harmful effects from stress.

My guarantee: I promise a high energy,customized program full of ideas that really work- or your money back.


I look forward to talking with you.

- Carol

The Corporate Stress Relief Coach
Carol J. Scott, MD, MSEd, FACEP


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