Best Stress Zone™ Center of Excellence

Your Company becomes a national leader in Stress Management best practices by providing Executives and Employees with excellent services to help them understand, manage stress and health effectively.

Advisory Services

- Company Culture Assessment/Team Stress Mapping including identifying Health/Stress “Hot Spots” within the Company
- Recommendations to better manage Stress issues during times of change and in Employee supervision, retention, hiring & termination

Training Services

- Workshops: HR Staff, Executives, Managers, Employees, Teams
- Lunch & Learns
- Webinars
- Monthly advice column of information and action steps regarding the StressHealth Connection™ for distribution to employees

Coaching Services

- Accelerate Team Commitment & Success
- Scheduled Daily PowerPause™ breaks
- Executive Coaching
- “House Calls” during times of predictable stress
- On-call Coaching

Annual Company Meeting Presentation

Customized smart phone/laptop App: Living in the BestStress Zone